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  1. Trading Post
    these are used dies. prices plus shipping unless listed otherwise, PM with questions or offers Pacific: 222 Rem. 2 die FL set with RCBS #10 shell holder , no box {seating die may be Lyman, it works} $25.00 shipped RCBS: 270 Win short Mag. 2 die set #31301, FL sizing die and seating die...
  2. Wildcat Cartridges
    Hi gang; I'm sorting through a bunch of old dies and stuff (more of these posts to come, I'm sure)...looking for a feeler on a couple of items. I can see that RCBS still makes this stuff, albeit custom, my question is: Does anyone still use it?? 1) RCBS 219 Imp. Zip. form die. Only other...
  3. Handloading Equipment
    I would like to start reloading 9 mm, I have everything except dies (mostly because of unavailability). But what dies are absolutely needed for reloading 9mm? It seems way different from rifle reloading. if anyone knows of a video that explains everything I would appreciate it. and are lee dies...
1-3 of 3 Results