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  1. Stevens 311A - Break action

    Shotguns, Shotgunning, and Shotshell Reloading
    I have a Stevens 311A that was passed down from grandfather. Some years ago it got a bulge in the barrel so I had to cut it from 28" to 21". It is pretty much out as a hunting tool now (although I guess I could use it for those crapping "kicking quail" that they pass off as birds at hunting...
  2. Please help with DA revolver

    okay im new here and need some help. i have a revolver bugging me i love the gun but its double action only and a pain to shoot. it works fine and test fine with dummy rounds but after the first shot it takes two fingers to cylce and sometimes the hammer wont come back but will cycle if you pull...
  3. Making a doiuble barrel coach gun slicker

    Cowboy Loads and Guns
    I have a rather old Lefever double barrel 12 gauge that has been turned into a coach gun. The issue I have is when I break the double barrel in half and jerk it to the rear at best only one shell pops out and some times that does not happen. I see others with double barrels that the shells pop...
  4. Blank firing Ruger Security Six

    My friend has a Ruger Security Six in which I'm interested in buying but it looks exactly like the gun in the link below. According to the website, its a blank firing gun. I'm just worried that the gun my friend has is a converted blank firing gun. I just wanna be sure. Also, did ruger really...