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  1. New Mexico elk hunting

    Southwest Hunting
    My hunting buddy and I just made reservations for a NM private ranch elk hunt near Chama NM. Our outfitter was referred by a friend and has great references. Anyone else have any experience in elk hunting in this area. I opted for a cow tag as I already have a set of elk horns. My buddy is going...
  2. Input on Elk rifle choice

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I need some input from some experienced hunters about a rifle purchase. Sometime in the (hopefully near) future I want to start elk hunting again. Currently, I have a couple rifles that will work for elk, but none of them are what I would consider great elk rifles. I wanted to set myself up...
  3. 7mm-08 and .308 which models?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Well I have been saving my money and want to add these two calibers to my collection and these two guns - the Win model 70 and Browning BLR. I can't decide which caliber to get in which gun. I know there are larger problems in the world....but I am torn. The 7mm-08 would only be used for...
  4. best ammunition in caliber .338 win mag ?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    hi Hunters, and loaders ! i am in process to get a .338 WM rifle ( out of german parts), and it is to hunt from Roe to red Dears + Elks and Wilkd boras .. perhaps bears as well . what are the recommended Ammo from the shop meeting the "killing criterias" : Precision at 200 m, + killing...
  5. Elk Hunt

    Southwest Hunting
    After 25 years or so of not hunting, I am thinking of putting in for the cow elk draw in east central Nevada and would like opinions on firearm(s) to use. I have 308, 30-06 and my soon to be favorite Marlin 444s. Which one? If I use the 444, i am thinking the Beartooth 285 at about 2000 fps...