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  1. Short Lee Enfield MKIII

    Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    I inherited it from my father when he died. He got the Short Lee Enfield MKIII from Bigtown Discount store in a now gone shopping center in North Ridgeville, OH when I was about 10, 1966. Still packed like a mummy and swathed in cosmoline. I have a couple boxes of ammo for it too that he'd...
  2. drill/tap for scope mounts on a 1917 .30-06

    This post is about my project to get a scope mounted onto a rifle that I don't really shoot very much at all in hopes that I will breathe some new life into it and enjoy myself along the way. This rifle was handed down to me from my Great Grandfather and while it has some sentimental value it is...
  3. Clean it or let it be ?

    Gun Cleaning
    I'm currently stationed in Afghanistan and was fortunate enough to acquire two guns right off of the battlefield. 1. A Lee Enfield- 1889 I'm being told 2. A Chassepot, Fusil modèle 1866 Both are in "OK" Condition I WAS able to get the rifles sent back to the states legally. I have no...