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  1. Gun Cleaning
    We all want to use goods quality products on our guns, bows, fishing gear, knives, autos, hunting and lake front gear and like you I’m not a fan of letting things get rust on them nor am I a fan of items wearing out prematurely. To protect my investment in gear, I began searching for rust...
  2. Gun Cleaning
    Anyone ever use Frog Lube? Is it any good? Just wondering if it was worth the effort to get some. Steve
  3. Gun Cleaning
    I've been a gun cleaning nutcase since my dad showed me how to clean my first .22 rifle (I can still smell the Hoppe's). I have used many oils like 3-in-One, Hoppe's Elite, Rem oil, and several others. All have done the same thing over a very short period of time: dissipate, draw itself into one...
1-3 of 3 Results