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  1. Marlin 336 Lever Guns
    I had a gunsmith supposedly bore sight the scope on my 336 (35 Remington). It didn't hit anywhere on a 2 x 2 ft board @ 20 yards. I'm going to get a bore sight and do it myself. I've been looking online for a bore sight but I've yet to see a bore sight specifically for a 35 Remington. Am I...
  2. Gunsmithing
    Hello All, I have been batting the idea of taking my father's old 700(7mag) and using the action to build a long range meat eating machine. Mainly out past 6-700yds. The optic will be a Vortex PST, stock will most likely be a McMillan A-TH, and have reached the choice of barrel with...
  3. Marlin 1894 Lever Guns
    I need suggestions for powder loads for my 357 Marlin which I use for indoor target shooting (50 yards) We are only allowed to use lead bullets so velocities need to be low. I am assuming that 148gr swc is the best bet... Shame we cant have as much fun as you guys in the US !!!.
1-3 of 3 Results