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  1. Gun Cleaning
    Cool video i found on youtube with step by step instructions on how to properly clean a rifle barrel. I watched lots of videos on this and what i liked about this one is it's very detailed in explaining, but also to the point, so def worth checking out!
  2. General Discussion
    I am curious what some of you think on this matter... should anyone who is a felon be denied their rights of owning a firearm? Here are some things to think about... Is it really fair that a person who does their time be released then lose their right to defend themselves or hunt to feed...
  3. Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    This video is pretty cool, that 7.62x39 has some impressive penetration!
  4. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I know the 7.62x39 shot out of the AK's and SKS are reputed to not be accurate but i have to say i totally disagree. Personally i have had great success with that round and with iron sights have done 2-3" groups at 100 yards with iron sights. My thoughts are the people who knock it just arent...
  5. Cowboy Loads and Guns
    I have a rather old Lefever double barrel 12 gauge that has been turned into a coach gun. The issue I have is when I break the double barrel in half and jerk it to the rear at best only one shell pops out and some times that does not happen. I see others with double barrels that the shells pop...
  6. Tips & Comments
    Check out this awesome video from our friends at Gunwerks: Mike Davidson attempts to hit 3 targets with 1 shot. Tough Shot - 3 targets hit with 1 bullet - YouTube Make sure to subscribe to the Gunwerks Youtube channel for more great long shots, tough shots, shooting tips, DIY & Ballistics.
  7. Handguns
    Hi guys! After a few months on deciding that my second gun will still be a revolver I still haven't made up my mind yet. I have two options, a brand new stainless steel Taurus Model 689 6" barrel or an old blued carbon steel Ruger Security Six 4" barrel. Putting the price aside, which one is the...
  8. Handguns
    My friend has a Ruger Security Six in which I'm interested in buying but it looks exactly like the gun in the link below. According to the website, its a blank firing gun. I'm just worried that the gun my friend has is a converted blank firing gun. I just wanna be sure. Also, did ruger really...
  9. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Im looking at buying a Weatherby mark v delux I found out today its a Japanese gun is it as good as the American weatherby or should I stay away from it
  10. General Discussion
    Hi Guys, I am a retired Federal Air Marshal and former Marine. To keep busy, Ive decided to create a newsletter with the intent of teaching people about shooting, mostly the basics, but some advanced stuff. I want to concentrate on home and self defense. the problem that I have is that I...
  11. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, Not sure if this is the correct place for my post, if not please let me know. I am a avid hunter and love shooting guns. I had an accident damaging my spine a couple years ago and could not hunt or shoot any guns. Now I am able to, but due to recoil my caliber selection has been limited...
1-11 of 14 Results