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  1. Harrington & Richardson

    Single-Shot Rifles
    I have a model 58 Topper. Will a barrel from a model 158 Topper fit on it? Outwardly at least the two look near identical. I'm in contact with someone online who has 3 barrels they are looking to sell. A 20 Gauge, 22 REM JET & 30-30. Now personally I'm only really interested in the 30-30 but he...
  2. Replacement rifle barrels for H&R Tamer .410?

    I recently got a H&R Tamer .410 single-shot and would like to know if/where replacement barrels in rifle calibers are available. I have seen the barrel accessory program H&R offers, but I found it rather difficult to understand. Do barrels from H&R rifles simply not fit Tamer frames? This is...
  3. What Caliber?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I have a H&R single shot that can switch barrels,I have 5 so far 45-70,22 hornet,50 cal muzzleloader, 12 gauge and .410 I'm looking for a Elk,Moose and long range target (200-300 yard steel plate) caliber. My options are limited:25-06,270,280,7mm-08,30-06 and 308 Thanks