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  1. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hey everyone! I've been browsing alot of forums lately trying to learn all I can about rifles, and this one seemed to have the most variety of posts so I joined. I am looking to buy my first rifle (I have a handgun, now looking to expand into hunting after college). I don't like limits and I...
  2. Australian Hunting
    Hi, My name is Shayla and we have an 11 month old Joey (Lucy Sparkles) as our family pet. She went missing 19 days ago. We have tried so many things to recover her. We resisted tracking her with a Hound Dog as all research suggested we not do that. We recently have succumb to that in an...
  3. Northeast Hunting
    This is my first year hunting big game. I've done my fair share of small game hunting (ie, squirrel, rabbit, etc). I just got my big game license a few weeks ago and I am currently using a .243 Win right now. Though, I am looking in to getting a Remington Model 770 but I can't decide whether...
  4. Northeast Hunting
    Hey everybody! I have a couple questions about wild hog hunting. I live up in Connecticut and recently bought a Marlin 336RC in 30-30 and an airgun for cheap training. Now, I would like to get started hunting. I am kind of on a budget for now, and cannot drive far. I Heard that there was a...
  5. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    i am itching to get a new hunting rifle. i have, since childhood wanted an m1 garand and i am now seeing this as my chance. I would have to settle for a ultimak because, as a left-handed shooter, i can't shoot with the sight off to the left. therefore i have a problem, wether to get the garand...
  6. Game Pole
    Apparently you did not read my note about asking permission for advertising. Once more and you're permanently banned.
  7. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I have removed this post because of an error by my part. I'll repost with the correct information until further notice.
  8. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Anyone ever heard of Extreme Impact Ammo ( I hunt game and found that they sell Buffalo Bore at the lowest price (both online and in store). I plan to stock-up before season but want to know if anybody else can find a better rate than this. It's almost too good to be true, or...
21-28 of 28 Results