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  1. If I shoot to wound, can I get into more trouble than killing?

    General Discussion
    This seemed like the most appropriate place to post this question: If I shoot to wound someone that is threatening me to the point I am scared for my life, can I be brought up on charges for not killing the perpetrator? I live in Maryland and some years ago when I was a kid I remember a Harford...
  2. muzzle brakes in Canada?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, does anyone know the laws on muzzle brakes and if they are legal to use for HUNTING? Thanks
  3. Question on Handgun Permit Law?

    General Discussion
    Hey everybody! I am new here at this forum. This is my first post. I have a question about the law in Connecticut (where I live) on handguns. I know that to purchase one here you need a permit and certificate of eligibility, but to actually own a handgun you do not need one. So I was wondering...