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  1. Short Lee Enfield MKIII

    Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    I inherited it from my father when he died. He got the Short Lee Enfield MKIII from Bigtown Discount store in a now gone shopping center in North Ridgeville, OH when I was about 10, 1966. Still packed like a mummy and swathed in cosmoline. I have a couple boxes of ammo for it too that he'd...
  2. Lee Turret Press question

    Handloading Equipment
    I have a 4 hole Lee Turret Press. I have been reloading 9mm with no problem. I switch to 45 acp in another 4 hole turret and it binds up where the rod twists. I change to the other turret and it reolves fine. Switch back and it binds. Has anyone else had this problem? If so can you please...
  3. Lee 300 H&H Reloading Kit

    Trading Post
    Like new. . . $25.25 includes Priority Mail shipping to any US address. Payment by PayPal or USPS Money order.