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  1. S&W Model 629 44mag frame stretch

    MY several year old 629 developed a occasional misfire at approx. round 800. All loads were by the book maximum hand loads. Originally I thought it was something I was doing, but at round 900 multiple misfires were occurring. Getting worse, I threw in the towel after 950 and sent it back to S&W...
  2. Savage .22 MKII-F misfire

    Hey there, I have a misfire problem with my Savage MKII-F .22lr and was wondering whether anybody has had any issues or knows a solution. Ive had the rifle (.22LR MKII-F) for atleast 6 months and it hasnt had alot of use, mostly because it misfires to the point where i would feel quite safe...
  3. Win Model 250, bolt assembly

    Win Model 250, lever action 22, bolt assembly. Where do the two very small ball bearings (plungers) go in the bolt? I had my gun worked on several years ago and finally got around to firing it. It misfired alot. I disassembled the bolt and the two plungers were missing. I got replacement...