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  1. Winchester Model 70 Coyote Light .243

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    Winchester Model 70 Stainless Medium-Bull Barrel Laminated Stock .243 This is one of the last of the high-quality New Haven, CT Rifles! I believe this was the original "Coyote Light". Like new. One small nick near the bolt handle from safe storage. We've never fired it. I believe we have...
  2. Questions about Win. M70 Westerner

    Hello all, call me Dave! I am in possession of a Winchester Model 70 Westerner in 30-06, serial #G159xxxx (presumably a post 1964 model, based on the "G" prefix I believe?) I have a couple questions about the rifle in question... 1) I'm looking to update the rifle to a newer, more modern look...
  3. Stock screw sequence on Mdl 70 Winchester

    Gentlemen, I need to verify which screws go in which locations on a post 64 Model 70 Winchester. The rifle was left to me by a relative. It is in a nice custom stock, I wonder it the screws are in the right holes. He mentioned when he showed me the rifle years back that he thought he might...
  4. Need help twisting bolt shroud back into position (270 win mod70)

    Hi I have a Winchester 270 model 70 and when I was cleaning it my friend was fiddling with the bolt. Somehow he managed to twist the shroud into the position it would be in when the bolt is completely in the gun and twisted down except the bolt is out of the gun. No matter what I try I can't...
  5. Winchester Model 70 Safety Problems

    noobie here.... I have a post 64 model 70 that is locked in firing position. I have removed the bold and firing pin assembly everything looks right after i move the safety into the middle position but when I re-assemble it, put it back into the action and fire (both dry and live) the safety will...
  6. Model 70 Serial Numbers

    Does anyone know where to get a book, with a list of model 70 serial numbers. Not just the pre-64 serial numbers. Everyone has them. I am looking for a list that goes into the late 90s, or better yet, up to 2006, when they closed down the New Haven plant. I've got a dozen books on Winchester...
  7. Winchester Model 70 7mmo8

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    I just picked up a Winchester Model 70 in 7mm-08 I was trying to date the year but am a little confused. According to what I have found online the serial number is from 1978, but I didn't think the 7mm-08 came out till after 1980? Any help on this?