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model 94

  1. Firing Pin HELP

    Hey I'm a new user and I need some help/advice/knowledge. A few years back my father tried to restore his old model 94, 30-30, post 64 with a new stock, and let's just say he isn't mechanically inclined. It ended up not going back together correctly and in the end lost a few pins and a firing...
  2. 1971 NRA centennial front sight height?

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    hi all, I recently inherited a 1971 Winchester NRA Centennial Musket - but it's been missing it's front site for a very, very long time. Anyone able to accurately measure the height of the plain blade front sight dovetailed into the barrel? the supplier I have contacted wasn't able to find...
  3. Great fun with my old '94 recently.

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    At our annual SASS shoot recently we were challenged with a small-ish steel ram at 125 yards...make that read dinky ! I had loaded and done a bit or practicing with my 38-55 using 6 grains Trail Boss,under a cast boolit with good results, so decided to see if I could stretch it out.fps was...
  4. 1973 model 94

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    I just got a 73' model 94 30-30 not long ago and was wondering around how much they're worth. People online are all over the place on price from 400-700. Its in decent shape has some wearing on the bluing. I figured most people on here know more than I do about these types of rifles.
  5. Loading Problems

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    I just bought a nice looking Winchester 94 30-30 for $320 from a private party at a gun show (always a risk, I know, I know). I tested the lever action and all seemed to function properly and smooth. At home I started to push 30-30 rounds into the side loader, but after the second round it...
  6. Which to buy? Newer or older?

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    I have a buddy whos dad owns two model 94s. One is from 1965(serial 28xxxxx) and one from (I'm assuming 1994) serial 60xxxxx. They are both in excellent condition and havent had a large amount of rounds through them. My dilemma is that one is a Model 94 Ranger 100 year version. On the right of...
  7. Winchester Ranger lever not contacting the trigger block release.

    Winchester 94 Lever Guns
    I recently purchased a Winchester Ranger model and have an issue with the lever not contacting the trigger block release unless an unreasonable amount of force is used to force the level to make contact. Has anyone else run into this problem and if so what was done to correct it. I stripped...
  8. .25-35 WCF Load Development

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Hello All, (First post after registering) I've read a number of threads about this cartridge, especially this one: that is almost 6 years old. I've got a 94 carbine from ~1937-1940. The family story is that...