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  1. Trip report on our 2015 moose hunt on the Rex Trail

    Alaska Hunting
    2015 was a little strange for trail conditions on the Rex or Gold King trail this year. We went in around the 10th with a Nodwell RN110, three people and a four wheeler in the back. We were headed for our normal camp at Fish Creek, about five miles past the second river. The first place of...
  2. Would You Shoot It?

    Hunting Stories
    "A rare white moose has been killed in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, angering conservationists and the Mi'kmaq First Nation, who hold white animals as being sacred. First Nations hunters say they had known about the white moose for years but had refused to kill it. "We are not to harm them in any...
  3. .416 Rigby Synopsis

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I am interested in purchasing a .416 Rigby. It would be for hunting bears and moose, and going over to Africa. I am interested in some of your guy's opinions about this caliber; opinions about this cartridge in relation to others like the .375 class and other .416s like the rem mag, Taylor, and...
  4. .30-06 Bullet for a Once in a Lifetime Moose Hunt

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Don't need to worry about this yet as there's still a couple weeks until they draw, and might have to start the wait all over again, but my dad put in for the Maine moose lottery, and for some reason wants a 220 gr bullet. I've talked some sense into him with the fact that the guy who is...
  5. best ammunition in caliber .338 win mag ?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    hi Hunters, and loaders ! i am in process to get a .338 WM rifle ( out of german parts), and it is to hunt from Roe to red Dears + Elks and Wilkd boras .. perhaps bears as well . what are the recommended Ammo from the shop meeting the "killing criterias" : Precision at 200 m, + killing...