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  1. Muzzleloaders
    Hi All I have a harrington and richardson 12g huntsman muzzle loader . and am trying cast slug in it . slugs are these ..... Svarog 12 gauge bullet mold (mould) Match Sabot Diabolo .685(17.4mm) slug New | eBay as these are made to fit inside a plastic wad i am putting a 90 grain fffg...
  2. Muzzleloaders
    I have a Remington 700ML. It came with a breech plug wrench that I cannot find. I am finding it equally difficult to find anything to replace it. The manual suggests a 5/16 thin wall deep socket which I cannot find. Has anyone got any suggestions on where to find a wrench for this. Thanks emp
  3. Muzzleloaders
    I have been searching for some time for a synthetic side lock. C.V.A. made one for a time called a bobcat but hasn't been in production for some time. Any bobcats on line that are for sail are 4 to 5 times the original price. Is any one aware of a side lock .50 with synthetic stock currently...
  4. Muzzleloaders
    Tress years ago I bought myself a Traditions Hawken Woodsman .50 cal flintlock rifle, I have shot less than 100 rounds through it and it was cleaned after each session, aside from two scratches, the matte finish the brass has taken, and a but of crud on the end of the ramrod, it is still...
1-4 of 4 Results