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  1. CVA Optima V2 will not fire

    Hi All! I am relatively new to muzzleloaders. Bought the V2 last year and put about 8 rounds through it. This year went to sight it in. Put two rounds through it with no issues whatsoever. I go to fire the 3rd and nothing. The primers are denting, I tried 4 of those. The breach plug is...
  2. Where to buy cow horns

    I recently got a book called 'Recreating the Eighteenth Century Powder Horn' so that I would know how to make my own traditional powder container. I'm not interested in buying one already made. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find anyone around me who sells raw cow horns, so I'll probably have to...
  3. Very tight fitting stock on a sidelock muzzleloader.

    Hi, I just bought my first muzzle-loading rifle a Pedersoli Hawken Traditional Hunter with a 50 cal 1:24 inch twist 28 inch barrel. I bought it to use heavy projectiles like 320gr REALs and 500gr target long bullets. I'm just learning how to use the rifle, but already I'm very happy with its...
  4. Out of production

    I have been searching for some time for a synthetic side lock. C.V.A. made one for a time called a bobcat but hasn't been in production for some time. Any bobcats on line that are for sail are 4 to 5 times the original price. Is any one aware of a side lock .50 with synthetic stock currently...
  5. Muzzleloader, new shooter

    Hello, good afternoon I am new to this a form and would appreciate any help I can get on this new project i am getting into. As I understand, being a muzzleloader, I am not under the same restrictions and laws as a rifle or other guns? I believe that I can carry and have this muzzleloader...
  6. First Time muzzleloader

    Hello group, After firing a friends muzzleloader over the summer, I have received from Mrs. Claus a Lyman "Great Planes" 50 cal, flintlock muzzleloader. Now I need to set up my shooter's box since this is the first black power rifle I own. I know this is a very broad question, but is there any...
  7. FF or FFF in .50 cal. pistol?

    I have a single shot muzzleloader pistol (5") in .50 cal. I haven't shot it in about 15 years and forget what I loaded it with. It seems to me I should use FFF in such a short barrel, but I'm worried the weight of the ball might create a lot more pressure. Also, any suggestions on the volume...