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  1. Is reloading worth it?

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I just bought a Winchester 70 30-06, and my sisters boyfriend keeps telling me I need to reload. Is reloading the 30-06 really worth it? I have a line in on an older lee press with 30-06 dies to come with it (rcbs dies) and a shell holder for the 30-06 (whatever size that is) for $50 ish. It...
  2. New Old Guy

    General Discussion
    Hey y'all! I have been lurnking in the back and finally decided to step into the melee. I like a lot of different perspectives and always look to learn more. There are some great folks and great topics on here. I'm glad I stumbled across this board and was let in. I am no one important...
  3. New guy says hi

    General Discussion
    Hi, I'm JC from the left coast (SF East Bay). I've been reloading since 1968 and I still churn out well over 1,000 rounds a month on average. I shoot USPSA, Multigun, Steel Challenge and IDPA so it's mostly handgun and .223 these days but I have reloaded for fourteen different cartridges from...
  4. Need some direction!!

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I am looking into buying the equipment to start hand loading my rounds. I have been shooting alot lately with my .270 and it is getting costly with the ammo. I am seeing entry level setups between $175 and $250. I am not sure about the powder, bullets, or any of the inbetween, but I want to...
  5. Total Newbie--300RUM needs help! Best factory loads/scopes?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I'm totally new to the forum and also totally new to long range shooting. Have a chance to enter the arena with a highly customized, beautiful almost brand new Remington Sendero 300RUM at a just plain too good to pass up price. Previous user paid a fortune to have a lot of work done. Custom...
  6. Hey Everybody!

    General Discussion
    I found this forum sometime earlier last year and have looked at it often since. In fact, one of the threads on here persuaded me to buy my first handgun, the S&W 22a, which in my opinion is the best 22 pistol ever. Though I am probably the youngest member, being only 15, I do know my share...