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  1. New Member / Old School

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Greetings, Just joined this day seeking some technical information. Maybe, I could learn as well from the abundance of experts here. Basically, we collect firearms and have been for some time. An intrinsic understanding of all mechanical parts associated with light (not lite) weaponry. This...
  2. New Tikka T3

    Gun Cleaning
    Hi, New here. New shooter. Bought a new Tikka T3. Am I in the right topic? Cleaning and care part of training? Question: what do I really need for a cleaning kit? Premade kit? Build my own? Full rod, compact pieced rod, does it matter? What jags? Brushes? Found a lot of stuff out...
  3. What items/accessories/supplies do you need to get started?

    General Discussion
    I am very new to the sport and am wondering what supplies I will go through on the regular and what I need to keep stocked. What supplies do you go through quickly and regularly as a shooter? I realize ammo and targets top the list, but what other items may I want or need on a regular basis...
  4. New member; hello.

    General Discussion
    I just came across this forum and joined; so I wanted to say, "Hello." I'm from Central Pennsylvania and, obviously enjoy shooting and discussing firearms. I have been shooting for nearly 40 years. My experience and interests include almost anything that propels a projectile with a powder...
  5. Hello! New member. beginner to shooting. Anyone near Louisville or Cincinnati?

    My Neck-Of-The-Woods
    Hi, there! I'm quite interested in shooting but in my country it's forbidden (I'm not American:)). Recently I will go to Cincinnati and Louisville so I want to try shooting there. I contacted one of the shooting ranges near Louisville and they said foreigners are allowed to rent guns and shoot...