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  1. Florida Openly Carry

    General Discussion
    Openly carry guns in Florida? Bill clears first hurdle in state House Open Carry bill advances in Florida! Good luck guys! :D
  2. Dad Open Carried Inside School

    General Discussion
    Judge Hands Down Big Ruling on Dad Who Openly Carried Gun Inside Daughter’s ‘Gun-Free Zone’ School | School to fight judge's ruling to allow gun-toting dad Wow. Just wow. That judge will get some interesting phone calls.
  3. Man Sues University Over Open Carry

    General Discussion
    Michigan Man Sues Public University For Not Allowing Open-Carry on Campus | Open-carry advocate sues University of Michigan over campus gun ban Its an interesting read. It says they allow guns under "extraordinary circumstances". I wonder if 'extraordinary circumstances' is...
  4. Arkansas 'Open Carry' March

    General Discussion
    Arkansas gun rights group plans 'open carry' march to highlight new law. LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas – A dozen gun rights supporters plan to march in a western Arkansas city this weekend with their firearms on display to highlight a law that they argue allows the open carry of handguns, despite an...