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  1. Sport Optics/Binoculars/Spotting/Scope/Rangefinder
    Hi all, does any know of an optics pouch that straps to your chest and can fit 8x56 binoculars (specifically the Steiner Nighthunters). Cheers
  2. Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    I just got a Canik TP9SA Mod2 for Christmas. I would like to find a mounting plate to install a red dot site, but can't seem to find anything online that is designed to fit this gun. It would obviously have to fit in the dovetail where the rear site is currently installed. Any suggestions?
  3. Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    Hey guys, I’m so glad I found this forum this afternoon. I’ve been looking everywhere for a mount for my new scope. Here’s my setup: Browning ABolt II - 7mm Mag Arken Optics SH-4 Gen II 6-24x50mm FFP Very impressed with this optic so far just holding it up. Very clear. Check them out...
  4. Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    Is it true that all rifle scopes have a set standard on height between the center point of the scope and the mounting base? I thought it was nonsense but someone insists it is. I'd understand if there was, but I'm thinking, no, because rifles don't have the same distance of bore center point...
  5. General Discussion
    I am looking to to get a cz 455. Any thoughts on what model of the Cz 455 I should get. I am also looking for a good optic for this gun.
  6. Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    We are looking for information; on where we can get Redfield scopes repaired. We have over 20 Redfield Illuminators, with Accu-Tracs, & BDC; which need repaired. We have another 10-15 Redfields, such as Golden 5 Stars, & Low Pros; most of which, have the Accu-Trac, with BDC. Almost all of them...
1-6 of 8 Results