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  1. Marlin 336 Lever Guns
    :confused:So I recently purchased a Marlin 336 30-30 rifle and while cleaning NEAR the buttstock a small, circular black piece with a small hole in it fell out. Looks like a washer or something but with a smaller hole. I have no idea where it fell from and my gun is broken without it. I put all...
  2. Handguns
    Hi all.i have a p226 in 40s&w and I love it. I'm having my first issue with it though after 5 years of no problems: when I have a round in the chamber and the hammer decockeda I am unable to discharge said round in the chamber. Now if I manually cock the hammer back on the same said round it...
  3. Gunsmithing
    I graduated college a year ago and I bought a food truck to service food at local auctions. At these auctions there are always guns going up for sale - some complete, and some missing parts. I just started getting into shooting and hunting a year ago, so I thought it would be fun to by a cheep...
1-3 of 3 Results