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  1. General Discussion
    This is what Ferguson Police now have as an alternative to lethal force. Good luck is all I can say. :rolleyes: Ferguson Police Will Soon Have a ‘Less Lethal’ Option When Responding to Potentially Deadly Situations | Video |
  2. General Discussion
    CNN did a simulation designed for police. Looks really cool and could seriously help police in the future. Almost wish I had one of these simulators for myself. :D To shoot or not to shoot? - CNN Video
  3. General Discussion
    "A man in Somers, N.Y., hatched a plan to catch the individual responsible for allegedly stealing his pro-gun signs repeatedly from his front yard. He bought a trail cam, set it up near the sign — and then waited. When he learned that his sign had been taken yet again, he was elated because he...
  4. Rimfire Handguns
    Does any one have any info on this hand gun? It's a colt says police positive on the barrel which is about 3 inches long. On the frame between cylinder arm is stamped 5874. Also has a vp 3 on trigger guard area. It fires a 22 long riffle shell 6 shot revolver. Adjustable rear sights black hard...
  5. Handguns
    My friend has a Ruger Security Six in which I'm interested in buying but it looks exactly like the gun in the link below. According to the website, its a blank firing gun. I'm just worried that the gun my friend has is a converted blank firing gun. I just wanna be sure. Also, did ruger really...
1-5 of 6 Results