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  1. Primers and Primers

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    :cool:Hello boys and girls from here in Texas. Having some issue with WLR primers in my revolver. Using a Ram Prime which I have used for years in single shot handgun, and all of my rifles and never had any issues with misfires until recently. Could be something else but want to get some...
  2. Disappointed from CCI350 primers. Your experience?

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Almost 90% of primers used by now was CCI. This autumn I loaded some XTP240 with H110 counting on CCI 350 primers. Everything fine till just few shots later when the first misfire happened on the shooting range while testing the load. No big problem I thought, from thousands of primers one to...
  3. Alliant Powder Power Pro 300-MP

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Do to the recent shortage of handloading components, I was unable to purchace H110 powder for my upcoming 44 magnum loads. The only thing I could find was Alliant Powder's Power Pro 300-Mp. Its a magnum handgun spherical powder that the attendant said would work well for the 44 mag. What do...