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  1. The Mighty Stevens 520. Please Help.

    Hi my friends picked up a Stevens 520 12gauge pump to practice my bluing. the gun is in ruff shape and needs work. If yall can give any disassebly tips would be great. and the stock and handguard are busted. I want the checkered version if anyone can help id greatly appreciate it. other general...
  2. 460 S&W Magnum Rifle with a pump action with a box magazine or a clip

    We are looking for a gunsmith/ machinist to make the metal parts for an original rifle. It will have a pump action fed by a clip. I will utilize a handgun round in a rifle. The cartridge will be the 460 S&W Magnum. It will handle loads of the power range of a 45 colt to a mild 45 70 loads...
  3. Remington 7600P Carbine Project

    So far I have a Remington 7600P in .308 with a magpul fixed carbine stock, a magpul MOE K grip, Mesa Leo adapter, with a Mil spec buffer tube and a 10 Shot Wild Dog Magazine. I was wondering on what I should do to it next? How I could mount a sling for example and things like other accessories...
  4. Missing rifle parts

    I have 2 slide action rifles that I keep coming up with dead ends in my efforts to find parts for. The first is a Savage model 25 .22Mainly I am in need of a magazine tube assembly, but I am interested in any parts for this rifle. The second is a Remington model 12R .32cal. and I need many parts...