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  1. Handguns
    I found this on a "Easy ATF Identification" image and want to know what model/manufacturer it is, or if it's a homemade one.
  2. Big-Bore Lever Guns
    Hello, I'm new here. How are you guys doing ? My question today is whether it is possible to build a .375 CheyTac lever gun. (Please, no one answer with an "anything is possible.) I know it would obviously have to have a detachable box magazine because of the .375 CT being pointed and it would...
  3. Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, I am new to this forum, but I have been using guns now for many years. I recently decided that I want to purchase my first rifle, which will be mostly used for hunting, as well as occasional target shooting. I am looking for a 30-06 that can shoot a sub-MOA group at 100 yards. My budget...
  4. General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am considering purchasing an existing small web business that sells ammo subscription boxes (meaning you pay to receive 100-500 rounds every month). Before I purchase the site, I am trying to see if this is a good idea. Purely from a research perspective, not advertising, would this...
  5. Handgun Cartridges
    Was reading the Hornady 8th edition for the FTX 140 grain. It states that I need to trim the casing down to 1.25. Instead of trimming can I use 38 special brass. The brass on the 38 is 1.144. So there is a 0.106 differance. Being very new to reloading I thought I would get some advice from...
  6. Rimfire Rifles
    I've been wondering about this ever since they stopped production of these awesome little 22's (they stopped production when they reintroduced the Model 70 again I think in 2009). My dad and grandpa bought me one for my 11th b-day. It has very nice reddish colored wood on it, and looks eerily...
1-6 of 6 Results