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  1. redhawk 44 mag

    Hello this is my first post, I am getting my first revolver. The use is for an emergency bear defense mainly for black but the occasional brown as i open my hunting grounds. I hear the super redhawk can handle longer rounds and more abusive 44 mag loads. My question is will the redhawk also...
  2. 44 mag and H110

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    After several months of slim pickings when it came to gunpowder I've finally got my hands on some H110 :D! But, as usual I have a few questions. Are magnum primers necessary for H110 or can I use Large pistol primers? What are some of your 300gr Ruger specific loads?
  3. Redhawk Disassembly Problems

    I'm having a serous issue with disassembling my older model Ruger Redhawk!:mad: At 1:24 of this disassembly vid ( he knocks out the pin, however when I try the same it will not budge. Any help would be great.
  4. What happened Ruger????

    Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Ruger Super BlackHawks and Super RedHawks, but have been recently disappointed with the new Ruger Super Blackhawk. I love my 7 1/2" barrel stainless 44 mag SBK so i decided after I wanted one of the new stainless short 5 1/2 barreled SBK with the round trigger...
  5. Any other night sights for Ruger GP100 besides Meprolight?

    im in the market for actual glowing tritium (or any other "radioactive" glowing substance) night sights for my GP100, and all ive found so far is meprolight. is there any other brands out there? thanks, DaG