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  1. Hornady Classic Lock & Load Press

    Trading Post
    Selling Hornady Classic Lock & Load press. Press is in excellent condition. Replaced it about a year ago and out in storage. Press comes with one lock & load die adapter, priming arm and primer catch cup. Ready to start reloading. Price $90.00. Toal $115.00 Shpn $25.00
  2. Need Help with a Wildcat with 6.8 based wildcat

    Wildcat Cartridges
    So heres the concept. A 6.8 case cut down some to accomadate a 90 grain .224 Diameter bullet. I dont really know the steps in designing a wildcat. How could I figure out the pressure, Muzzle Velocity (20 inch Barrel),and what the case would needed to be trimmed to. Thanks for you help.