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  1. Handloading Equipment
    I just ordered a Forster Co Ax press from the Graf and Sons web site (see link below). I've been trying to buy one of these presses for a while, but they've been back ordered everywhere. So, I thought I'd let others know in case they too have been looking for one. I spoke with someone at...
  2. Handloading Equipment
    I have what appears to be a reloading press, likely made in the 1950's or 1960's. Cast into the side it says "Blake Mfg., Glendale, CA". It looks like it might have been used for larger caliber rounds. I've Googled this and found a Blake Mfg. near Glendale, so I called and they said it's not...
  3. Handloading Equipment
    What do you guys think is a good progressive loader. The one I personaly have been eyeing is a Dillon 550B. What concernes me about this press is that it looks like you have to get different shell holders for each caliber that are much more expensive than just a regular shell holder for a single...
1-3 of 3 Results