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  1. Can Anyone Tell Me What My Handgun is Worth?

    Hi everyone! i am a NEW Member. A gun owner who has never shot a gun. I inherited my dad's guns 15 years ago, and am interested in seeing what one particular one is worth. Any help help from you and estimated asking price, and where I may be able to sell the handgun SOON. I'm not sure of...
  2. Personal Safety

    General Discussion
    Has handgun possession made Americans feel safer (assuming that most Americans either possess handguns or aspire to)?
  3. .32 Colt Police Positive Special

    Alright fellas, So i have a Colt PPS that was made in 1963, stamped on the barrel is .32. Now this is where i need your help. I have been searching all over the internet trying to find out exactly what it takes. i've read .32 long, .32 short and .32-20. i'm hoping there are some Colt experts...
  4. Taurus or Ruger??

    Time for a new pistol. Looking a .357. But im torn between the Taurus tracker or the Ruger 66. The prices are about even, the Taurus has a 7 round capacity where as the Ruger has 6. ill be using primarily as a side arm while hiking and camping. 4-6 inch is available in both so it really comes...
  5. .45 long colt

    Cowboy Loads and Guns
    I recently came into possession of a .45 lc revolver, super fun gun. My question is this, is it okay to shoot the solid lead cowboy loads? I've heard that the lack of a case causes lead to build up in the riffling grooves of the gun. Is this reality or just an old wives tail? standard lead is a...
  6. L Frame Sight Idea

    Howdy everyone, I just bought a new 686 plus with 2.5 inch barrel to replace my model 60 pro as my primary carry gun. I've had a friend lusting after my 60 for some time and I finally decided to let him buy it from me. That resulted in the search for a new gun which ended in a 686 plus. I have...
  7. Please help with DA revolver

    okay im new here and need some help. i have a revolver bugging me i love the gun but its double action only and a pain to shoot. it works fine and test fine with dummy rounds but after the first shot it takes two fingers to cylce and sometimes the hammer wont come back but will cycle if you pull...
  8. What the heck is this?

    A friend gave me an old, small .22 short single-action revolver. I have no idea what it is. There is no manufacturer on it but it does have a SN of 1288. It's an 8-shot with an octagon barrel. It was once stainless but is in rough shape. The black grips look like plastic and have a dog's head on...
  9. Rohm RG 31 Bolt question.

    Hello, my name is Davin, I have a question for any knowledgeable Gunsmith or anyone who have personal experience with the Rohm RG model 31, there is this little part for this gun called the Bolt that I can't seem to figure out where to place it. As I was opening the gun and slowly prying off...
  10. Taurus 689 or a Ruger Security Six

    Hi guys! After a few months on deciding that my second gun will still be a revolver I still haven't made up my mind yet. I have two options, a brand new stainless steel Taurus Model 689 6" barrel or an old blued carbon steel Ruger Security Six 4" barrel. Putting the price aside, which one is the...
  11. Blank firing Ruger Security Six

    My friend has a Ruger Security Six in which I'm interested in buying but it looks exactly like the gun in the link below. According to the website, its a blank firing gun. I'm just worried that the gun my friend has is a converted blank firing gun. I just wanna be sure. Also, did ruger really...
  12. Best reference book for SA revolvers

    I am a gunsmith apprentice and I am looking to increase my knowledge on single action revolvers. I have heard about "single action sixguns" by John Taffin and "sixguns" by Elmer Keith. I am just having some trouble finding copies of these. Are there any other books that could be recommended...