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safety issue

  1. VZ 24 Safety

    Good afternoon all, I have a recently acquired VZ 24 sporterized by Kimber chambered in 270 Winchester. The flip up safety is pretty loose and I was hoping for some suggestions on solutions. The safety flips up fine, locks great, and in the safe position is wiggle free but when the safety is...
  2. Mossberg 835 safety problem

    I have had my Mossberg 835 for about 15 years now. Love it. But I recently started having trouble with my safety. I can switch it from safe to fire, but not back on safe. When I take pin out and pull trigger mechanism out a little I can move safety freely. I took safety apart last night to...
  3. Winchester Model 70 Safety Problems

    noobie here.... I have a post 64 model 70 that is locked in firing position. I have removed the bold and firing pin assembly everything looks right after i move the safety into the middle position but when I re-assemble it, put it back into the action and fire (both dry and live) the safety will...