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  1. Smoke came out while seating bullet

    This past weekend i was muzzleloader hunting. Before going out, we stopped at the range to fire a few test rounds. For the first round I poured the powder (Pyrodex) in my barrel and then put a 320gr maxi hunter bullet in. While pushing the bullet down, i heard a sizzle and a whisp of smoke...
  2. VZ 24 Safety

    Good afternoon all, I have a recently acquired VZ 24 sporterized by Kimber chambered in 270 Winchester. The flip up safety is pretty loose and I was hoping for some suggestions on solutions. The safety flips up fine, locks great, and in the safe position is wiggle free but when the safety is...
  3. Mentoring our children/grandchildren in firearm safety

    Firearms Training
    Hi all, just joined the forum today. I reside in one of the most unfriendly firearm states in the nation. That being said, thought I would share importance of mentoring our children and in my case grandkids in the sport of shooting and in the firearm safety in general. With the massive push...
  4. My new Ruger LC9 safety

    I'm about to be stationed in California, so when I bought my handgun I wanted to make sure it was loaded with all the superfluous safety features that California requires. I chose the Ruger LC9. It comes with a 1911-style safety that theoretically keeps the slide from racking; however, with the...
  5. Help w/ ammunition?

    Handgun Cartridges
    Hi guys, I am looking to buy frangible ammunition for the weapons I may have to use for self defense, but am overwhelmed at the number of choices available. Would y'all mind giving me some recommendations? The weapon calibers I need are: 5.56/.223 .38 Special .357 Mag .45 Auto 9mm Auto .40...