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  1. deer rifle for maine woods

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hey everyone, new member here. I've been reading around some of the other threads this morning but I couldn't find anything covering this exact topic so here we are. I just bought my first hunting rifle the weekend of this posting. It's a Savage 110 in .270 and I plan on using it for this season...
  2. Hornady 150grain vs 165grain

    Black Rifles
    I have have savage model 10tr 308. Im trying to get a good group with it at 100 yrds and its bad about 3 inch square and 3 shot groups. Im using hornady white tail interlock 150 grain. Has anybody else had this problem? Ive been told that the 165 grain is more accurate but i bought 2 boxes of...
  3. 1905 Savage .32 disassembly trouble

    I have a 1905 Savage .32 10 shot semiautomatic pistol. I can't get the slide off the pistol. Hammer assembly is no problem to remove. Any suggestions. I want to take it apart - the slide drags a little and won't let the gun cycle completely and reload after the first shot. It used to work great...
  4. Savage Axis .308 1/2" grouping at 100 yards

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Sweet video, 3 shot half inch group from 100 yards with a Savage Axis! This just shows you dont always need the most expensive rifle for sub MOA groups.
  5. Savage Axis accuracy review

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Brief video i got off youtube of an accuracy review of the Savage Axis, for a low cost rifle to get these results, i thought it was cool, figured i would share.
  6. Savage 64 Mods?

    hi everyone im back again and i thank yall in advance youll have been a great help. okay i have a savage model 64 22 rifle and im looking for different mods. i was wondering if there was night sights i could adapt to my rifle and maybe a more tactical stock. i tried searching but no luck. can...
  7. Recommendation on a Scope for new Shotgun

    Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun Scopes
    I just bought a Savage 220 Slug Gun and i am looking for a scope that have a big eye relief and works well with very low lighting. does anyone have any suggestions or tips on picking the best scope ?
  8. What happened Ruger????

    Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Ruger Super BlackHawks and Super RedHawks, but have been recently disappointed with the new Ruger Super Blackhawk. I love my 7 1/2" barrel stainless 44 mag SBK so i decided after I wanted one of the new stainless short 5 1/2 barreled SBK with the round trigger...
  9. Missing rifle parts

    I have 2 slide action rifles that I keep coming up with dead ends in my efforts to find parts for. The first is a Savage model 25 .22Mainly I am in need of a magazine tube assembly, but I am interested in any parts for this rifle. The second is a Remington model 12R .32cal. and I need many parts...
  10. Savage .22 MKII-F misfire

    Hey there, I have a misfire problem with my Savage MKII-F .22lr and was wondering whether anybody has had any issues or knows a solution. Ive had the rifle (.22LR MKII-F) for atleast 6 months and it hasnt had alot of use, mostly because it misfires to the point where i would feel quite safe...
  11. Savage 64 - Searching for an after market stock can't be THIS hard.

    Rimfire Rifles
    I've owned my Savage 64 for a few years now. I feel its pretty good for a low end .22lr. When I bought it I wanted an inexpensive and lightweight .22lr rifle that my wife would like to shoot as well, since she complained about the weight of my other rifles after a long day of shooting. Now...
  12. Finicky New .308

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I just bought my first Savage and am having some issues with it so I thought someone here may have some insight. I purchased a Savage Trophy Hunter XP in .308 with a Nikon 3x9 BDC. I took it to the range to sight it in, before which I thourougly cleaned it, and took my first shot at 100 yards...
  13. 1899 Savage Caliber .30 Savage. . . ?

    Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General)
    1899 Savage Caliber Savage 30 . . . ? I recently traded for a very old Savage Model 1899. The barrel is marked Savage 30. The serial number (196XX) indicates it was made in 1902. I was told that there is no "Savage 30" cartridge and that this rifle is chambered for the 30/30 Winchester. When I...
  14. Best .308 for under $800?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    What is the most accurate .308 with a 26'' bull barrel for under $800? I plan to do long range shooting out to 800 yds I have an excellent 22-250 that I can shoot .25" groups with at 100yds but past 600 it does not have enough energy. Any and all advice will be appreciated thanks.
  15. Explain this?

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Just got back from a P dog trip. Before we left me and my father-in-law reloaded 1300 rounds of 22-250 for my remington and his savage. Mine shot great the entire time, every one fire and went where i was aiming. His factory heavy barreled model 12fv savage however would shoot 3-4 good then the...
  16. savage mark ii with 10/22 barrel?

    Rimfire Rifles
    is it possible to use a 1022 barrel on a savage mark ii? has any one tried this?
  17. extraction problem with Savage .223

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    I have a Savage 11 .223 with which I have been having extraction problems. Fully half the time, brass will not extract from the chamber but will be left loose laying in the action. The extractor consists of a part that grabs the rim of the cartridge with a ball and spring underneath seated in a...