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semi-auto .22 rifle

  1. Looking For 1982 Book On Browning .22 semi-auto Rifle

    Is anyone reading this familiar with a book written in 1982 titled " A History of the John M. Browning Semi-automatic .22 Caliber Rifle " ? The author is Homer C. Tyler and the book is 58 pages long. I'm looking for a copy and suggestions on where-to-look would be appreciated. I've submitted...
  2. Belgian Browning (SA-22) .22 Rifle Feed Tube

    Rimfire Rifles
    I foolishly spent money the other day and bought a Belgian made Browning SA-22 semi-auto .22 rifle with a damaged feed-tube assembly. Now I am learning how some of the early SA-22 feed tube assemblies differ from the later (Japanese made) rifles as a ramp-up to figuring out how to repair...