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  1. Armed Robbery Suspect Shoots It Out With U.S. Marine Ya, This Should End Well

    Military News
    Armed Robbery Suspect Shoots It Out With U.S. Marine Can you guess how this ended? No National coverage so i thought i would post it here. The Marine had noticed the men wearing hoodies and bandannas. The 28 year old Marine is a concealed handgun license holder, and from what I gather the...
  2. I Was Shot Memorial Day Weekend

    General Discussion
    When ever I go out camping, I am always armed. At the time this story takes place, I had with me my Ruger 10-22 rifle. It was always by my side and i never left camp without it. Even in previous trips to the outhouse, I would carry it slung over my shoulder always loaded, always ready. That is...
  3. thompson Contender - I want one.

    Single-Shot Handguns
    Hi guys and gals.This is my first post and I have a PBR in hand but no guns in site so don't worry; I'm safe. (is that the correct way to use a semicolon?). So I used to be on a rifle team and I'm a real accuracy snob. That said I'm no pro or military guy, just a normal joe schmo who likes...