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  1. A .32 Caliber Project?

    I purchased a 'used' Winchester Model 70 Stainless Steel 'Classic Sporter' contour Barrel in .300 Winchester Magnum Caliber on Ebay. It is 25-7/8 inch long and has the Model 70 Threaded Tenon. I am thinking of cutting it down and chambering it in one of the .32 RF/CF size cartridges, perhaps...
  2. dark circular ring visible in breech view of Stevens Single-Shot .22

    Rimfire Rifles
    I saw a Stevens single-shot .22 rifle at the gun show in Dallas today and wanted to buy it but scared myself off when I noticed a couple of things that I did not know how serious they were. Comments would be appreciated (the guy selling lives in a nearby town so there's the chance to still buy...
  3. Help finding a barrel

    Single-Shot Rifles
    ok so right now i have a Weatherby PA-08 Synthetic shotgun and a NEF Pardner 12ga. break action shotgun and i was wondering, since i have seen it before, where i could get a rifle barrel for my NEF single shot shotgun... preferably either a 30-06 or .308 but if there are more choices i will...