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  1. Someone help me with my Stevens 94?

    I need some help with my Stevens 94 (Revelation 350 series k). The forearm wont snap it only makes a small pop. Can be pulled off or tapped off with little pressure. Ive replaced the forearm spring and forearm spring spring. The housing isnt broke and its not hitting anything. I just replaced...
  2. thompson Contender - I want one.

    Single-Shot Handguns
    Hi guys and gals.This is my first post and I have a PBR in hand but no guns in site so don't worry; I'm safe. (is that the correct way to use a semicolon?). So I used to be on a rifle team and I'm a real accuracy snob. That said I'm no pro or military guy, just a normal joe schmo who likes...
  3. sharps looking to buy a sharps

    Trading Post
    hi all iam looking to buy a percussion sharps armi sport is OK in carbine or military rifle used or beaten up is fine also any ideas on this i would like help in finding one many thanks i love single shot guns pre 1898 types