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  1. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I notice that load data specifies the manufacture of the bullet along with the weight. What is the difference between a Speer 160g and a Nosler 160g bullet with regards to charge? Is it OK to use load data for a Speer 160g for a Nosler 160g bullet?
  2. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Anyone have any experience with the new Speer .223 55 grain TMJ bullets #22455TMJ that were introduced earlier this month? They also introduced a new .308 TMJ as well.
  3. Handloading Procedures/Practices
    I am looking for some suggestions on some .30-06 reloads to try in a new Weatherby Vanguard Series 2 rifle. So far I've tried 165 grain Speer spitzer points with 55.5 grains of H414 powder, 165 grain Hornady spitzer points with 55.5 grains of H414 powder, and factory Winchester loads with 150...
1-3 of 3 Results