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  1. Glue removal from stock

    Hello, I just purchased a 1953 model 94 and the previous owner had a cheek pad glued to the stock. I removed the pad but I'm trying to figure out how to remove the ancient glue without ruining the original finish. So far I've tried to soften it with WD40 and mineral spirits without and luck...
  2. Customize 90's Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker (x-bolt barrel, custom wood stock)

    Hi All, I have a .270 win Browning A-Bolt with the Boss system from the mid-90's. It is stainless steel with a synthetic stock. I looking to replace the barrel to a 24" stainless steel X-bolt barrel, with the muzzle break. Something similar to the X-Bolt Pro Barrel. Does anyone know where to...
  3. Turn NEW bolt rifle into OLD military style rifle

    Hi all, I am new to his forum. I am wondering about the feasibility of turning a newer rifle like a Ruger M77 (Hawkeye, GSR, etc.) into a Kar98 or Yugo M48 lookalike. I really love the look and feel of old Mausers, but 8mm is drying up and I am not a reloader. Additionally, I am not so...
  4. Refinishing a stock & adding a walnut stain

    I just finished re-blueing my grandfather's old Mossberg 190 which had become nearly devoid of bluing with the exception of the choke and the sections covered by the stock. Now that it's re-blued, I'm going to start work on the stock which has some sort of varnish on it which is peeling badly...
  5. Savage 64 Mods?

    hi everyone im back again and i thank yall in advance youll have been a great help. okay i have a savage model 64 22 rifle and im looking for different mods. i was wondering if there was night sights i could adapt to my rifle and maybe a more tactical stock. i tried searching but no luck. can...
  6. Savage 64 - Searching for an after market stock can't be THIS hard.

    Rimfire Rifles
    I've owned my Savage 64 for a few years now. I feel its pretty good for a low end .22lr. When I bought it I wanted an inexpensive and lightweight .22lr rifle that my wife would like to shoot as well, since she complained about the weight of my other rifles after a long day of shooting. Now...
  7. Mossberg 146B stock needed

    I acquired a Mossberg 146b in a load of misc. junk at an auction a while back. The stock has been butchered... someone cut the cheekpiece way back. The gun seems accurate but of course the balance sucks with no decent way to hold it. I am trying to find a new stock for this. Any suggestions as...
  8. recoil reducing stock

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    Hello, Not sure if this is the correct place for my post, if not please let me know. I am a avid hunter and love shooting guns. I had an accident damaging my spine a couple years ago and could not hunt or shoot any guns. Now I am able to, but due to recoil my caliber selection has been limited...