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  1. Taurus or Ruger??

    Time for a new pistol. Looking a .357. But im torn between the Taurus tracker or the Ruger 66. The prices are about even, the Taurus has a 7 round capacity where as the Ruger has 6. ill be using primarily as a side arm while hiking and camping. 4-6 inch is available in both so it really comes...
  2. Rossi Wizard or "W"

    Single-Shot Rifles
    What happened? I have 2 and a total 5 barrels, well 6 if you count the one doesn't fit! Wondering, does anyone know what happened with this line? I like them. The ones I have shot are accurate, they lock up tight. Oh, what's the difference between the Wizard line and the "W" line? This seems...
  3. PT945 or a 1911?

    After weeks of thinking I've finally decided on buying a Taurus for my first gun and I'm very happy with my purchase. Since it fits in my pocket, I carry it wherever I go and makes me feel safer. It made me really happy that I wanna but another one. But this time, I want something that can stop...
  4. Taurus carry gun/home defense gun

    I'm planning on buying a new handgun from Taurus. My options are the PT92, PT1911 and model 689. I'm also considering a Shooters Arms Military 1911 and a Norinco factory enhanced 1911, though not made from Taurus. What would you recommend among the 5? Appreciate it!
  5. Taurus 689 or a Ruger Security Six

    Hi guys! After a few months on deciding that my second gun will still be a revolver I still haven't made up my mind yet. I have two options, a brand new stainless steel Taurus Model 689 6" barrel or an old blued carbon steel Ruger Security Six 4" barrel. Putting the price aside, which one is the...
  6. Taurus 85 Review

    The Taurus 85 Small and light... Like put it in your pocket and take a jog-small and light. There is no question once you put this revolver in your hand, what its job is. it is simply a carry gun. No frills, Not beautiful, and will never win an award for being accurate. What this gun will...
  7. Best 1911??????

    Lookin at gettin a 1911 and i know theres alot of companies making them.For the money which is best and how many diffrent manufacturers are making them?????
  8. 1911 which Colt or Clone?

    I have to buy a model 1911 in 45ACP( Yep I'm forced to buy a 1911 stylepistol Poor Me Right). The choices are many. So many it makes it hard to choose. I have seen and heard many tales of frustration and a lack of confidence on some of the clones. 2 catagories are the ones who have marketed...
  9. 1911 ? Who Makes The Best One ?

    Always Want To Own A 1911. It Seams Like Every Gun Manufacture Is Making One These Days. It’s Hard To Decide What I Should Get. If That Wasn’t Bad Enough They Have Many Different Modules To Choose From. I Like To Get A Full Size 1911. No Compact Or Subcompact. Must Be Accurate With Easy Trigger...