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  1. New, Old Stock Pachmayr grips, cheap

    Trading Post
    Pachmayr SN-GP (Gripper Professional) for S&W N-Frame revolver. $10. Also two TC Contender Grippers (model TC-G) $20 ea. and four T/C forend adapters ($5 ea.). All are new in the box. Can't seem to upload images but can email photos if you wish. Will ship by USPS Priority Mail for cost ($6.80...
  2. rifle for my girlfriend

    Rifles and Rifle Cartridges
    My girlfriend has been getting into hunting lately and has gone out with me numerous times last season and she's starting to get serious about it, buying new boots and camo etc, I want to buy her a rifle for her birthday in November. I decided to go with a 7mm-08 in either the T/C venture...