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  1. My Neck-Of-The-Woods
    I’m in DFW, Texas, looking for public land that I can legally target shoot on that’s preferably within 1 to 1 1/2 hour outside of DFW. Bureau of Land Management has been no help to me in my search. Thanks in advance.
  2. Southwest Hunting
    I just got stationed in Sabine Pass, TX. Trying to find someone who would let me tag along on some hog hunts. I am very proficient with firearms, Can't afford paying the costs for hunts. Looking forward to hearing from someone. Thank you for your time.
  3. Cowboy Gear and Accessories
    Attending SASS events in NM & CO, check out our saddletrained Texas Longhorn Riding Steers! at *edit* Lots of pix from recent events. They put the "COW" in Cowboy"
  4. Southwest Hunting
    August, September, October, and on the first weekend of November rifle season starts in this part of Texas. When my wife and I went to the local wal-mart this past weekend they had hunting gear out on the shelves. The weekly sales paper from Gander mountain had deer stands on the front page...
  5. Southwest Hunting
    Can't pull the dinero together for a Crane hunt in west Texas this year, so kinda looking into a Feb./March Hog hunt in north or ne texas...bow/pistol...blind preferred. Anybody have any reccommendations for outfitters??
  6. Southwest Hunting
    I'm retired military living in South Texas (CC) . I'm also a hardcore responsible hunter that's looking for some pork ribs for the freezer. Can anyone suggest a POC or location where I can shoot some hogs for (Free)? I know there must be texas ranchers annoyed by these hogs destructive...
  7. Southwest Hunting
    Any one knows good places to hunt feral hog near Odessa, Texas
  8. Southwest Hunting
    Got this in an e-mail today....can any of you Texas folks tell me if this is real ? if so, this sucker is HUGE ! ! "Over 1,800 lb. wild boar shot and killed in Conroe, Texas near the County Airport, East of I-45 and near the community of Cut and Shoot. Killed by a medical Radiology worker"...
  9. Southwest Hunting
    Tell me about the hunting in South Texas!! I just recieved a job offer that is going to take me to either Marfa or Laredo Texas. I have hunted a few times in north texas near the panhandle. My fatherenlaw has land up their. But I figgure if I am moving to south texas why not check out the...
  10. Southwest Hunting
    I have scheduled a hog hunt for Nov. 11-13, in S.Texas near Pleasanton. Lodging but no meals, $250 per person. This is a semi-guided hunt that includes the use of a walk in freezer. There are no trophy or kill fees. You will be provided the use of a night vision scope/rifle out of a blind for...
  11. Southwest Hunting
    I've noticed feral hog hunting in Texas mentioned in a number of topics across the forum so I thought I would open a like topic here. Post your pictures, stories and info about the hunt to share with others! On MarlinTalk and over a trade of Lee Loaders, a friendship developed between a fellow...
  12. Southwest Hunting
    We have lots of customers from Texas,and I know that you fine folks kill some really nice hogs and deer down there.  My question is this:  Is it all private hunting preserves or leases, or is there actually some public land that yields decent hunting in the Lone Star State?  If so, in what...
1-12 of 12 Results