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  1. Making a custom wildcat

    Wildcat Cartridges
    what does one have to do to basically neck a cartridge case down just one or two calibers with no change elsewhere? I’m wanting to build a custom caliber and have a barrel built but if a cartridge hasn’t been done before what steps would I need to take . I’m sure the barrel Company will need...
  2. Ideas for Lever Action Wildcats

    Wildcat Cartridges
    Lately I've been kicking around some ideas for a pair of wildcats for Marlin Lever Action rifles quite a bit. The idea is to use the .338 Marlin Express as a the basis for a larger cartridge that just surpasses the .348 Winchester and a smaller cartridge that's more focused on the kind of deer...
  3. .338 Lapua in an M1 Garand/M1A

    Ex-Military Rifles & Cartridges
    .338 Lapua, whatever others may say about it, has proven to be a ballistically viable cartridge. Today, as I was trawling the internet I came across what must simply be termed the "God Gun" for big game hunters. A M1 Garand chambered in .458 Win Mag. Further research revealed to me a .338 Win...
  4. Pressure Management

    Handloading Procedures/Practices
    Read the following disclaimer before attempting any of the methods and practices discussed herein. The solutions spoken about in this thread have the potential to maim or kill you so consider yourself forewarned that if you don't completely understand what you are reading here, along with the...
  5. Need Help with a Wildcat with 6.8 based wildcat

    Wildcat Cartridges
    So heres the concept. A 6.8 case cut down some to accomadate a 90 grain .224 Diameter bullet. I dont really know the steps in designing a wildcat. How could I figure out the pressure, Muzzle Velocity (20 inch Barrel),and what the case would needed to be trimmed to. Thanks for you help.
  6. Wildcat Ideas (6mm-17WSM; .22-458SOCOM etc.)

    Wildcat Cartridges
    Hello Recently I came up with several wildcat cartridge ideas, which I posted on forum. Not to repeat the same posts here I'll put the links so you can take a look at these concepts. Wildcat - 6mm-17WSM - The Rimfire Forum - The Varminter Forums Wildcat - .22-17WSM - The...
  7. A little wildcat guidance please

    Wildcat Cartridges
    What a great resource you guys are. Glad I found you. My dad and I have happened upon a 25-06 wildcat that we cannot identify. It is mounted in a Mauser action, but is not the original barrel. Though the barrel is labeled as a 25-06, the post fire dimensions are all wrong. Started with a...
  8. Why Did Winchester Stop Making The 22 Wildcat?

    Rimfire Rifles
    I've been wondering about this ever since they stopped production of these awesome little 22's (they stopped production when they reintroduced the Model 70 again I think in 2009). My dad and grandpa bought me one for my 11th b-day. It has very nice reddish colored wood on it, and looks eerily...