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winchester 1886

  1. Winchester 1886

    Leverguns and Their Cartridges (General)
    Among my old Winchesters, I have a 1890 dated 1886 in 40-82 WCF. Great gun to shoot and in really good shape but ......... Does anyone know where I might find old takeoff replacement barrels, stock, forend, etc? I realize there are several replacement parts makers, but if the older parts are in...
  2. Winchester 1886 45-70 Safe Ammo

    Big-Bore Lever Guns
    I am a huge Winchester fan and have several 1894s and and 1895, but I have been looking around of an 1886 in 45-70. I recently picked up a lot of ammo of various calibers and there was several boxes of 45-70 (45-70 GOV'T 300 DR RNFP COWBOY LOAD is printed on the box end), which from what I was...