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10-22 upgrades

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I just recently upgraded my 10-22. I put a fajen adjustable stock with an ER Shaw barrel. I am going to put a trigger on but have not yet installed. The ER Shaw is unreal. At 40 yds, I shot 5 groups of 5 shots each and the biggest was just over a 1/4". It cycles every brand of ammo I feed it and it shot a 1/2" group with bulk winchester and cci ammo. The other groups were shot with wolf match. I'm extremely pleased with the results. I wil be taking it out further once I get to the range.
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Good on you, mate. Welcome to my world. I've built many a 10/22, depending on how I felt that week. All the way from full target custom to custom hunting rifles that do double duty as a target rifle.

Try the Velocitor ammo. After a few years of trying out different brands and bullet weights I've settled on the Velocitor for all my needs. Best 5 shot group to date is .137" at 50 yards with most groups about 1/2". And that .137" group was shot with a factory barrel, albeit a 22" Wal-Mart stainless steel getup.

I like bells and whistles. It's fun on a cold Winter night to build up something special. Glad I did mine, starting many years ago. Rheumatoid Arthritis has taken it's toll on what my fingers and hands will do ... but I can still squeeze 'em off with the best of 'em.
Oneeye66 ... If you make it over to Davison, Mi, on the Eastern side of the State, check out Williams Gunsight ... they usually have a few laying about at fair prices. You can even check on-line on their website. They list all the used firearms they have and the prices.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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