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Another try,what accuracy can be obtained with a smooth bore barrel with sights using cast or standard factory slugs-not sabot or similar configured units. I have only had experience with 16g Remington and Winchester. Typical 5 shots 50yds 5 inch group. This was out of a drilling with the point of impact right 6inch and 3 inch low . This was from the left full choke barrel. Unfortunately, fixed sights flip up sights are set up for the 7x65 rifle barrel. One only gets the automatic flip sight for shotgun on this barrel.

I have owned and have got good shooting out of 12g Paradox double rifles. This at times can be a length process. However, we must remember that quality brands were correctly regulated. It is just a matter of systematically working through various load combinations- well mostly!
I have always admired Paradox rifles but coming from the mountain states never had any oppertunity to handle or shoot any. Would you have any photos you can post of yours and give us a brief rundown on your work with them?
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