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Hi, yotecaller:
I can't speak for Marshall, but I kind of doubt it. There aren't even any .17 calibre moulds listed in Handloader's Digest. While a cast bullet might work for reduced velocity loads, I don't think a cast bullet would work at anything near full snort in a .17 Remington. A very few shooters have got up to 3000 fps, but it requires perfect bullets and barrels, perfectly matched to each other, and apparently Gray 24 lube.

If you're not happy with the Hornady or Remington bullets, there's also Berger and Calhoon. I don't have a .17 and I've never used Berger bullets, but they've won a LOT of matches. Calhoon's in my .222 weren't the most accurate, but they expanded violently. That was an early batch and I've heard his QC is better now.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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