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1858 remington carbine

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I went on your this web site after I purchased an 1858 Remington revoving carbine at a pawn shop for a song. I did get some good info. Other reaserch on the web indicated that this gun was not much of a shooter. I beg to differ. I raised the rear sight to the third notch from the end as I had read that the gun shot very low. Using a .454 diameter ball and 25 grains of powder, my little gun will consistently shoot a 2-3 inch group at 25yrds off a rest. One does need to remember to keep the left hand behind the cylinder cupping the right hand.
I have found this to be a sweet shooting gun. And, considering the one I have had never been fired, in emaculate condition, and I only paid $275 I feel very fortunate.
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I've gotten equal or better accuracy from every cap & ball revolver I've ever owned.
When I shoot my "target" model Pietta 1858 New Army Remington model .44 off a bench, I can normally shoot a large hole. They hit on the outside edge of the bull at seven o'clock and I could adjust the sights, but I normally like to shoot point shoulder like in combat shoots.

If you look at the main target, you can tell where the bench rest shots hit...
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Oh, I agree. Properly loaded, a cap and ball revolver of even decent quality is amazingly accurate.
My own Uberti-made Remington .44 with fixed sights will consistently put all its .454 inch balls into a ragged hole. That's from a benchrest at 25 yards.
Occasionally, while shooting at the local gravel pit, someone will show up with the latest Wonder9 (or .40 or .45) semi-auto. Invariably, they chuckle at the ol' petard and his "blunderbuss."
Until they see the groups my cap and balls can produce.
Invariably, they express amazement. Many didn't realize that these old sixguns had rifled barrels!
I like my 9mm and .45 too, but for different reasons.
I'd never carry a cap and ball for self defense, but the old-timers weren't too handicapped by cap and ball sixguns, as long as only five or six shots were needed.

Darn you! Now I've got the bug to get one of those Remington rifles! I've admired them for years. I hear its siren song ... :rolleyes:

I would bet if you checked the chambers.They are most likely smaller than the bore.If you find this true and ream the chambers.Who knows how much better your groups will be.
They are known to be real good shooters .I have never heard of one that wasn't.When some one says that they are not getting good groups,Usually it's because they haven't tried.
I think some shooters load'em up heavy and never try anything else.
I have one of these and just love it, primarily because of the accuracy. I load up to 30gr Pyrodex P with a .454" rb over an OxYoke wonder wad, I tried up to 40gr and got hammer blow back, I have a 32gr measure that I made that seems to be just right with this little carbine. I shoot it a lot at 50yds, mostly at fun targets, and I haven't put it on the sandbags in a long time, but off hand(and I'm no great shakes offhand) I can keep it at about 3" at 50 yds. I plan to try 777 in it this summer, don't know if that's a good move or not, it's either that or GoexFF, just because I don't like Pyrodex. You'll gets lots of fun out of shooting this little baby!!!
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