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Pyrodex & volume or weight

I have a Pietta 1858 Remington 44 caliber pistol, I am using Pyrodex P powder, the manual I got with the gun says to use I can use 28 grains of Pyrodex P, I have 2 powder measures, 1 set at 30 grains by volume weighs 21.5 grains, 1 set at 30 grains by volume weighs 18.5 grains, what do I use, I am shooting a .454 lead ball.
I have a Hodgdon Manual That lists 28 grains for the 1858 Remington. At the top of the page in bold underlined letters, it says "all loads are listed by weighed charges." This manual was published in 1987 and has never failed me. This load was for a .451 ball or a 45 buckshot. It was chronographed at 910 FPS. For the modern cap and ball Remington it calls for 28 grains of Black Powder @ 724 FPS.
In a vloume fo volume compaison chart, 10 grains of black powder weighs the same as 8 grains of pyrodex. To summarize, I shoot 30-35 gains of Pyrodex P in my 1858 Steel frame Remington(Pietta) with no ill effects and a 2 to 3 inch 25 yd grouping.

Hope this helps-YOu can pull up the Hodgdon website and get their curent loads. Triple 7 is a bit hotter and more expensive.

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