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1886 Winchester 50-110 Question

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A dumb question ........ If you changed the barrel of the 50-110 cal to a 45-70 cal on the 1886 Winchester would the action handle the cal. change without modification??....Jack
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I found my 1886-1892 book and it notes that the finger lever is different on the .50 cal and so is the cartridge guide.

The reason I am asking is I evedently have a carbine that does not match the Cody serial number request information.
I have a basket case . It came with normal receiver, 45-70 round barrel, (20 inch carbine,with 7/16" dovetails) Full stock carbine wood with end cap.
The serial number research shows it to be a 50-110 break-down rifle with a half magazine!!

and for a real kicker the carbine barrel has London proofs as does the receiver!!!!!! The receiver has the .50 cal lever but I need a 50 cal cartridge to test the other modifications..................Thanks for the info........Jack

The only markings on the tang side is 55 S
After looking over the action I found another clue that would indicate the 50-110 cal. The right side of the magazine tube hole in the receiver has been opened up to the right (it has no threads) to ease the entry of the larger rounds .
Another odd thing it has a saddle ring but it is attached to and part of the hammer screw. (see attachment)
I guess I will try to pick up a 50 cal round and see if the inner parts have been "polished out " to except the larger cartridge . And Then????? Look for a 50 cal barrel?? Maybe Midwest Gunworks would have a Browning barrel that would work........................
Thanks, Jack


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I'll try that again !!!


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1886 50-110

I gained a little insight on the old '86 after a long phone conversation last night. All the above information is correct and the only way I could find out if it is indeed a .5o cal. gun is to tear it down and measure the inner parts or run a .50 cal. round through it. I have a dummy round on the way.
The concensis is the rifle had been to India or Australia. The London proofs almost always means the gun has been altered in some way. I can testafy to that since I have had two Colt lightning rifles that had been Downunder both had odd sling swivels and barrel and sight alterations....
Thanks for the help!! I'll let ya'll know if the round fits..................Jack
I did not receive a 50 cal. round instead I sold the gun to the gentleman who had offered the loan of the round. Actually it was a trade for an '86 carbine (45/70) plus some boot. It seems the tang was the most important part on the gun. My guess is a gun could be built from original parts to match the information that Cody gave on the serial number.
Just a guess sence the 1886 in the large calibers seem to bring a premium these days.A little to rich for my pocket book! Ill stick with the 1881 Marlins and the Whitney/Kennedy boomers ! Got any parts for a Remington/ Keene????( upper wood and upper band and swivel) see attached!!!...................Jack


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It may take a while but I will get this thing tamed...Jack


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